Wednesday 12 January 2011

The Spice Rack's back!

In our house in Leeds, one entire kitchen wall was occupied by a rack carrying all our spices and pulses, plus a few ornaments and bits and pieces. Tim made it from second-hand floorboards that he rescued when an old shop in Dewsbury was being remodelled, and you could still see the marks of stiletto heels on the wood. This rack travelled with us and has been sitting in the cave waiting to be mounted. The slightly narrower space available, and the need for access to the water piping and electric sockets, meant a certain amount of revamping* to the structure was necessary before this could take place. But it's there! Complete with worktop and space for storage drawers underneath. At last I have access to the full range of herbs and spices, and I can cook properly again. We can sample some of the many varieties of dried bean I grew in 2009 and packed away in jars. Thank you so much Tim, it looks beautiful.

This view will not last long... it will be hidden behind "The Island of Gorm!"

[*Ed. The revamp consisted of 2cm cut off each plank at the end to clear a plug socket and coming forward from the wall by 2cm to clear the pipes!]


Jean said...

Wow, impressive and it must feel great to have it all to hand again.

Pollygarter said...

It's not as though I couldn't get any of the spices in France, I just didn't want a whole load of little packets everywhere (all different sizes, natch!) when I've got this lovely setup!