Thursday 16 February 2012

Of cabbages, Kings and life in the freezer.... a footnote

The cabbages in the previous entry went safely into the barn as mentioned.... and froze solid!
"We've stored our crop in the barn to protect them from the expected heavy frost this week." 
Was that a famous last word understatement or what?

 But they are cooking well still... just had some, steamed and dressed with Vigean's Fruity&Knuts, salt, pepper and some Cumin seed. Very tasty...we'll see how this one thaws out in the kitchen. Susan and Simon had one... and we've already had one other which ate well.... perhaps "Stonehead" are too close wrapped to be badly damaged.

The best for overwintering are Savoy cabbages which have a built in "bubble-wrap".

The chill did for our greens though... they look very sad. We'll clean off the dead leaves from the kales and see what comes up. The Black Tuscan and Red Russian had both been cropping well... but you never know.
We are trying to pluck up courage to go and look!


Susan said...

The cabbage was shredded and steamed on arrival, then (re?)frozen in batches. It has already appeared in several incarnations, including in rogan josh (bit unorthodox, I know, but good for the unconvinced about cabbage group). I've confit'd some duck and will be making garbure shortly. That should use up tons of the stuff :-)

Tim said...

I don't know about unorthodox... I have no doubt that many times the form of recipe has been followed with what's to hand... it's the way I cook. It is the way all but the most 'chemistry'-minded of cooks cook, surely. Otherwise "Friday fridge soup" would never exist!