Tuesday 10 April 2012

In the best possible taste

One hundred years ago today, the luxury liner Titanic sank in the north Atlantic on her maiden voyage with the loss of 1517 lives. In the finest tradition of British good taste and French tat, the Franco-Anglais Temps L sales brochure brings you a range of Titanic souvenirs. You can find a link to the Temps L website here - select a flag to choose your country.

Something for everyone?

 Probably the most titillating of these souvenirs, on page 3 of the UK catalogue, is an icecube tray at £9.95 which turns out icebergs and steamships in solid ice. The illustration is particularly tasteful, with handy labels pointing out the berg and the ship immersed in some sort of blue cocktail, and leaving nothing to the imagination.
Is that really on sale?

Oh, no!
The French Temps L catalogue replaces this item with a DVD boxed set of documentaries from the Discovery channel. Dull, but plus sympa!

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GaynorB said...

Someone, somewhere will always be in the market for something as tasteless as the ice cubes!!