Tuesday 22 January 2013

A foodie post. {Especially for Simon...}

Auntie Beeb had a News Magazine article this morning called "20 of your tales of vegetarian woe" about the difficulties faced by people trying to eat veggie in places where it is "likened unto an illness!"

The Allotmenteer's Stir-Fry

These are a selection from the quotes:

I liked this one...

Angus Gafraidh, London, UK:
The French are overwhelmingly in favour of animal rights, in that every animal has the right to be eaten by a French person.

And the next two made me think of Simon...

Otto Gross, Boonton Township, New Jersey, US: 
On my first business trip to South Korea, the response to telling people I was vegetarian in Seoul was, "Vegetables are what they feed animals before they kill and serve them."

and I've heard Simon say this...

Demarest Campbell, San Francisco, US: 
In South Africa, requesting vegetables is like swearing at the wait-staff.
One bewildered waiter told me haughtily, "But, vegetables is what food eats."

"We show what we Grow... We don't grow to Show!" - our allotment show's catchphrase.
 To read the full article click on the "20 of your tales" link at the top.

Oh! And while all the Irish and English supermarkets were clearing their shelves of Silvercrest Economy Shergar Horseburgers... LIDL in France put up the price of their Silvercrest Burgers!
And re-labelled them... Gourmet!!

Only joking... I hope!!?


GaynorB said...

Perhaps this will be the silver lining for Silvercrest.

Things are gloomy for them on this sde o the Channel.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

I am with the first quote about animal rights, can't wait until I can eat some fat again!!!!

Tim said...

Colin... fat is where the flavour is!!