Friday 22 August 2014

Just pearfect

Our first ever pears! Our increasing collection of pear trees never had a single flower between them until this year; now four varieties are fruiting. And the first one is ready to eat.

One perfect pear

When we checked them earlier this week, they were rock hard and green. Today we discovered that two had fallen and something had taken a good bite out of them - something with little teeth. We picked the rest, and here they are.

Four pretty good pears
They taste sublime. I've never had such a fresh pear before, and they are darned good. Our thanks to Mick Miller, who recommended this variety, "Beth", and to R V Roger of Pickering, North Yorkshire, who supplied the tree.


Susan said...

I ate my first homegrown pear of the season a couple of days ago. Fortunately the rest of them are not ready to pick. I've informed them they have to hold on to the tree for a week as I don't have time to deal with them otherwise.

Pollygarter said...

The other varieties are all like blocks of wood - so far.