Tuesday 14 December 2010

The Kronos factor

We have a lovely new oven (four) courtesy of a Lapeyre sale. It's French. Imagine our surprise when on switching it on for the first time it welcomed us to KRONOS-3 PYRO and offered us a choice between Français and English. Hasty flipping through the manual revealed nothing whatsoever of this option. After a dignified pause the machine started to talk to us in French. As that is what we were expecting it to do, it’s not a problem, but it’s a little frustrating to be offered the choice! We have located tantalising hints on the internet. It's a bit of software that one would expect Electrolux to have used before or since, but apparently not, at least in this version! The Zanussi ZBP 1165 has similar functions, but it's not got the same buttons.

Back in my dear old days in IT, this sort of thing was known as "a feature". There's nothing about it in the manual, it's very useful, but don't rely on it because it might disappear with the next release.

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