Tuesday 24 April 2012

Bread machine as dough maker

I've mentioned in this blog and in comments on other blogs about using our Panic-sonic Breadmaker as a dough producer. It means that Pauline and I can have decent, "tartine"able bread without the hole up the middle [or the massive holes in our local boulangerie loaves!]

Given the recent weather, it also means that we can make bread when it isn't worth driving into town.

Two days ago, for the first time in about three years I made Tomato and Olive Focaccia... loosly based round the recipe in the machine's handbook.

Resting in my square cake tin... makes pavés
NOTE: With the Panasonic you put the dry in first, followed by the liquid... the opposite way round to most breadmakers!!

Ingredients [in order after the 1.5 teaspoons of yeast - about half a 7gm packet]:

300gms of LIDLs Ciabatta loaf mix [this has yeast and salt in it... so cut back on the salt!]
150gms of Strong White [or Pain Maison] flour
180mls of passata [I used homemade Black Krim passata]
70mls of water
Tablespoon [15mls] of Olive Oil

To be added halfway through: [at around the 25 minute mark... set a timer.]
50gms dried Cherry tomatoes... roughly chopped.
20gms dried Sweet Peppers... as for tomatoes
30gms chopped Green olives
20gms chopped Black olives - the Kalamata ones are best

For the Panasonic use the 45min Pizza dough setting... it works perfectly.
Just before the buzzer goes, put the oven on at 30C if you can... if not find a warm space [cardboard box upside-down at the back of the refridgerator works.] We use the microwave combi oven to bake in and the main oven to prove in.
Take dough out of the machine, rescue that damn paddle, and knock dough back a little.
Form loaf to shape, or put into mould. This is a slightly moister mix than normal so it will not hold a shape... push holes in it with your fingers.... be brutal, they mend!! The holes that is!]
It takes about 45 minutes to double in size... get oven going at 240C at about 40 minutes proving time [having checked that the rise is going OK.]
When oven is up to temperature put the loaf in and immediately CANCEL** the oven temperature setting. Re-set the oven to 200C and let bread bake for about 40 to 45 mins... knock it out of mould, if using one, at about 35 to 40 mins and put it back in for the last five minutes... this gives a nicer crust on the bottom.

End crust off for tasting!

A close up of the cut face with the pepper, tomato and olives showing.
If you want larger bits than this add them later... or even fold in when knocking back.
 Allow to cool and serve with cheese, cold meats, soups, etc.

And here's one I made earlier...

This is a 300gm Pain de Campagne, 100 gm Spelt [epeautre] and 50gm Rye [seigle] loaf with 50gms added grains.
Two tablespoons of Vigean's Fruitee & Noix oil and 250ml of water completed the mix.
Same Pizza dough setting, 70 mins proving and 50 mins baking.

**This emulates a traditional bread oven apparently.... it certainly gives a better loaf I think.


Susan said...

For proving the safest thing to do is put it in an oven with just the light on. The light will provide enough heat on its own.

GaynorB said...

That breasd looks tasty! however much one likes the bread from the boulangerie it is good to have something different every now and again.

A breadmaker is something that I'm thinking of buying when I fully retire, plus a good breadknife to slice it.

Tim said...

Not the light in our oven Susan... very mild 28W small bulb behind a thick glass protector!
But 30C is 30C in the new oven, my brewing thermometer confirmed it... works perfectly.

Gaynor, glad to hear that you are recovering/ed... yes, the bread was tasty.... only lasted two meals!
We can thoroughly recommend the Panasonic... it still has a very good reputation. It was recommended to us by a couple of users... and there are too many iffy cheap machines out there.

I know Susan likes to make bread by hand... but in my book, there are only so many hours in a day! Also I haven't got her patience to keep at it.... same as with taxonomic observations... I'm too easily distracted... which reminds me... got to go and do something, right there, right now!!!

Diane said...

I have not spread my wings too far with our panosonic but this sounds delicious, will certainly give it a try. Thanks Diane

Diane said...

Made this a couple of days ago and it was brilliant. We will definitely make it again but next time I will try doubling up on the olives, tomato and pepper. Thanks, Diane.