Friday 5 December 2014


Our chickens are settling in, apart from Shirley, who left us to become Big Daddy. She/he was exchanged for Blanche Dubois, who is definitely female (until she starts crowing).

Here is Blanche between the two survivors of the first tranche. That's Marion on the left, yes, the one with the developing crest and wattles. Marion bullies the others somewhat, and always gets to the food bowl and the snacks first. They adore chickweed, and their next favourite is the skin of a roast pumpkin.

Three little girls from school are we
 Here comes Alice. She gives Marion as good as she gets.

Werk definitely cluck cluck werk.

And this is Marion.

Cock-a-doodle Whoops...

Sorry, Marion Morrison who has turned into John Wayne, you're coq au vin, when you've put a bit of weight on. I've just seen an excellent recipe...


Colin and Elizabeth said...

It did look good Susans coq au vin... You could go into breading! We will want three more next year!!

Pollygarter said...

We're going to keep Marion, but we've agreed to call him Vinnie - not after the footballer turned ham actor, but after his destination. Just until he's ready to eat. Breeding is a little advanced for us. Breading (as in egg and breadcrumbs) now that we can do.