Wednesday 29 December 2010

Cats in Clover

There are fussier cats than our two. I heard of one that ate nothing but freshly steamed chicken! Ours share a sachet of Felix "as good as it looks" per day, plus two scoops of assorted dried cat food, with water ad lib on the side. Bagger is rewarded with three cat treats for every rongeur he brings us, so long as the little squeaker is cleanly despatched. He will also "shake hands" for a treat (RonRon "gives us five" for a treat).

But the biggest treat of all comes out of a tin - Waitrose Special Recipe Chunks in Jelly. This is, according to the label, made in France. On the lid, before the Best Before date, the tin is stamped with a registration number (SITE number) FR6216050. A search on the internet revealed this on a list of "Usines de fabrication d'aliments pour animaux familiers agréées au titre de l'article 18 du règlement (CE) n°1774/2002" - factories for pet food manufacture registered under thus and so European regulation - to represent Continentale Nutrition (SA) Montebello of Boulogne sur Mer. I contacted both Continentale Nutrition and Waitrose, explaining that we were moving to France and asking where could I get a similar product.

Waitrose kindly explained that their product was to their own recipe and not available elsewhere as such.

Continentale Nutrition informed me that they made some pet foods for Auchan and Carrefour - tricky for us because we don't have either anywhere near - there's an Auchan in Chatellerault an hour's drive away. Picture us in Auchan turning over packages of tins and trying to look under all the emballage to find the SITE number. You can't buy a tin of catfood there, only a pack of six. Tough luck if the cats don't like it. Bagger actually eats most things - there's a way to put RonRon on a diet!


GaynorB said...

We are happy, if you would like, to pick up some of this cat food from Waitrose and bring it out when we next visit Le Petit-Pressigny. There is a Waitrose in Lichfield fairly close to where my daughter lives.
Just let me know.
I am enjoying the blog so keep up the good work!

Pollygarter said...

That's really kind - thank you! The cats say thank you too! and Yeas please!

GaynorB said...

No problem!
We may be out at February half term (if we can resist the urge to ski), or definitely at the beginning of April.
Let me know the sort RonRon prefers, and how many tins you would like me to bring (space is not really a problem - within reason!)

Jean said...

The Simply Market at Ligeuil is now more or less a mini-Auchan. Apparently Auchan took them over. We tried it recently and were pleasantly surprised to find it is quite large inside and has a good range of stuff, so maybe they might sell something your cats would like.