Tuesday 7 December 2010

Home made yoghurt.... The Belgian way.

On the subject of the milk from La Borde... we make our own yoghurt using their milk and yoghurt.
When my mother passed on a couple of years back I retrieved, from the back of the cupboard under the sink a Belgian yoghurt maker of the 60's... The Yogomagic. Like the multi-pot ones that are on the market these days, this is basically a milk warmer. The difference is that this is a ONE pot version. It has a footprint the same size as a kettle... and makes a litre of yoghurt at a time.

This is the Yogomagic.
 The method is to put half a pot of La Borde yoghurt in the bottom of the container, followed by a little of the raw milk. Stir like crazy to mix up the yoghurt and milk, then pour on the rest, stirring all the time. Put lid on pot and screw home the retaining ring. Place pot in cyan blue warmer and plug it in. Eat rest of yoghurt in the starter pot.
You do not boil the milk, or use any additional powdered milk as some recipes require [I notice that even the La Borde yoghurt is made with some dried milk], there is no need.

The Container for the yoghurt [I'll take another photo in daylight... no milk is this cream coloured... even Guernsey!]
 After eight to twelve hours [depending on the ambient temperature of the room - longer at the moment] you have a pot of set yoghurt with a layer of Crème Fraiche on top. The Creme Fraiche can be rescued for other uses or served with the early helpings. The remaining yoghurt will keep for up to a fortnight in the fridge, the container fitting nicely in the fridge door.
All you need is some home made plum jam or bottled fruit and a healthy, home-made breakfast or pudding is on the table.

Just the Caramel rice pot, the Confiture de Lait and the Crème Crue from our fridge.


Unknown said...

I have two yogomagic makers. But I question your method. The reason why one should boil the milk first then let it cool is to kill any bacteria in the milk do that when you add the yoghurt bacteria it is only the yogurt culture in there to do its work. The only reason for reducing the milk by boiling for a few minutes is for thicker yoghurt and adding dried milk powder has the same effect

Sante said...

I have just purchased one of these machines on Ebay. Excellent piece of kit. Mine came with two inner containers. I use UHT milk.