Wednesday 16 November 2011

Cordon Pied Bleu

I like mushrooms, especially wild ones, but only use a few, readily recognizable species... and one of these is the Blewit. We used to get these on our allotment in Leeds, so the first time I saw them here under the Lime tree I was very pleased. [For more on the Blewits go here on our Aigronne Valley site]

The ones I found late on Saturday were photographed, identified [to be sure to be sure] and then sliced and cooked.

These are the caps ready for slicing.

We had a simple omlette of Pied Bleu, Turbo onion and Lidl's Black Forest ham using local, "outdoor chicken" eggs [free-range], a spoonful of the "stand your spoon up in it" La Borde 'treble' cream.

Being fried up with the sliced onion, before the addition of the ham.

And talking of eggs... I wonder if there were a few broken windows in the vicinity of where this egg was laid. An 'En with a rifled bum!?

Ooooooo! Sqwaaaaaak!!

This was served up with a couple of leaves of 'salad' with Benedicta Citron mayo and finely grated carrot in a lemon and hazelnut oil dressing.

This is what it looked like on the plate with a hunk of pain épis to mop up the juices.

Simple healthy eating


Diane said...

I love mushrooms but seems to be so many different varieties here in France I am very wary. I would not have given the Blewit a second look because of the colour! I need to learn more about Mushrooms. Diane

Susan said...

I've only eaten this species as grown by the guys at Bourré. Be careful not to combine them with painkillers or alcohol. They have a very firm texture for a mushroom, which is what chefs like about them. Flavour-wise they are no more mushroomy than a standard button mushroom.

GaynorB said...

Why not with pain killers or alcohol? I know I could google it but it's more fun if someone tells me ....

Tim said...

Don't know about the alcohol bit, Susan. We had white wine with our omlette. Mind you, only a couple of small glasses... perhaps the alcohol isn't the problem, just the quantity thereof? The only 'shroom I know of with a clear alcohol warning is the Inkcap, not Lawyers Wig or Shaggy Inkcap, but the slimy, shiny one... it contains the same chemicals as Antabuse [and used to be used to treat alcoholics in times gone by!]

Tim said...

Further to the above re: alcohol.
We had the othe three caps in our soup last night. Pauline had a bottle of Munster [4.5%ABV], followed by a Leffe [6.5%ABV]. I had three Munsters. No ill effects.