Thursday 24 November 2011

Cats in clover part 2

Our cats are both catnip crazy. For Christmas last year, each got a catnip fish from Culpepers (they sent small items like this to European countries by mail, very good value). Bagger licks his fish very messily, gets it nice and soggy then sucks up the resulting brew. RonRon rolls on her fish, or Bagger's after he's finshed with it. The fish started out neat white cotton items with a colourful floral print - now are both a dirty green from Bagger's attention.

Alas! Culpepers has gone into administration! We will have to grow our own catnip, or catmint, Nepeta Cataria (I have some seed, from Thomson & Morgan) but we may have to construct an island in the middle of the Aigronne to grow it where the cats can't get at it. Particularly worrying is the fabled old lady up the road with 30 cats - what if they get wind (literally) of the catnip? Here is T&M's catmint cat - an anti-Bagger to the life!
Don't let this cat meet ours or there could be an explosion


Susan said...

I remember visiting the nursery at Beth Chatto's and observing a large and comfortable black cat curled up on a pot of catnip. He must have decided that we were interesting though as he then accompanied us in a friendly manner to the restaurant.

Pollygarter said...

Sysan - when we grew catnip on our front doorstep in Leeds, it looked like a cat slept on it regularly! You must have looked like a soft touch if it followed you to the eatery.